Do you have an up-to-date Will? May 2, 2018 / Announcement

Benson Buffett is proud be a part of Free Wills month hosted the Canadian Cancer Society. If you or your partner are aged 55 or over, you qualify for the Canadian Cancer Society Free Wills Service. Contact one of our lawyers listed below during May, 2018 – your Will doesn’t have to be completed within the month, but you must contact one of our lawyers in that time.

The Canadian Cancer Society is funding the Free Wills campaign because it remains highly dependent on gifts in Wills to maintain its services. There is no obligation to include a gift to the Canadian Cancer Society, but plainly the Society couldn’t justify or maintain the promotion unless people took the opportunity to fight cancer with a gift in their Will. The Promotion covers the cost of a simple Will, as defined by the drafting lawyer. You might be charged directly
for work that is beyond what the lawyer considers a simple Will.

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